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The company operates in a highly dynamic market, where development tools and best practices change very rapidly. To keep pace, Codefresh is required to shorten delivery time to market of new features and experimental ideas.


We moved the deployment platform from a Chef-based approach to Kubernetes and added dynamic environments creation per each branch. Within three months since the migration to Kubernetes, the number of microservices the development team has deployed and now maintains have doubled.

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The development team was tasked with developing a new product and wanted to move faster by deploying Mesos and Marathon tools. However, they faced stability issues that put the Docker initiative at risk.


We moved the deployment platform to Kubernetes and automated the cluster day-to-day operations with Puppet. This reduced the number of infrastructure incidents to almost zero and increased developers’ productivity by 30%.

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Leonid’s calm and professional approach to problems is inspiring. He manages to concentrate on the results instead of being distracted by the daily noise. His approach helped us launch the product on time and made our developers happy working with the new infrastructure

Leonid did excellent work for Avantis. He was a key player in designing and executing the plan for our next-gen private cloud infrastructure; this in turn allowed us to cut costs and reduce operational overhead.

His expertise in cloud operations makes him an indispensable resource for our and any B2B company!

It was a pleasure working with Leonid! He made himself available to us, met deadlines and was attentive to customer needs. From the professional side, he knows the material at a very high level.

Leonid built a syllabus for the Kubernetes course that was tailored to our needs and presented it in a fantastic way! He managed to strike the right balance between the lecture and the practical application portions and was attentive to all the questions from our participants.

In our summary feedback, the average grade of the course was 4.5 out of 5. I would highly recommend working with Leonid!

We knew we needed to improve our build and deployment process, but we lacked the needed resources. Leonid helped us transition to Kubernetes which revolutionized how we deploy our software.

During our work together Leonid was always available for support and advice. He also advanced our understanding of Kubernetes concepts with a two-day hands-on training, which was very effective in boosting our confidence in the new system. We completed the training ready to start operating everything ourselves.  

Without a question, I would definitely recommend Leonid’s services. In fact, I already did!

Before working with Leonid, we had stability issues in our deployment and build automation -- we weren’t sure that each deployment would succeed. Leonid helped us solve our deployment problems by cleanly migrating our environment to Docker and Kubernetes.

He was very attentive to our requirements and cooperated well with the team. The final cut-off went smoothly and the handover to the team was much easier than expected.

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