Customer Stories



Having static development and production environments were causing a number of challenges for this fast-growing event technology company. Development team members frequently couldn’t work simultaneously in the same environment and scaling to meet customer demand required a lot manual work to add resources based on what they thought demand might be.


We helped Bizzabo migrate their production and development environments to Kubernetes, allowing for automatic scaling based on demand. The company saw an immediate improvement in uptime, a 30% reduction in costs, and an ability to handle more than double the traffic at the same cost.



Scaling out resources to handle high loads was cumbersome, slow and required over-provisioning of expensive resources. Making infrastructure changes was difficult with reliance on a custom Python code for many parts of the deployment process.


We developed a custom plugin for Kubernetes to automatically scale worker components and we replaced custom Python deployment logic with standard Kubernetes tools. The company now has a much more flexible way to deploy and maintain its services and has been able to reduce the provisioning of servers by two thirds.



The company operates in a highly dynamic market, where development tools and best practices change very rapidly. To keep pace, Codefresh is required to shorten delivery time to market of new features and experimental ideas.


We moved the deployment platform from a Chef-based approach to Kubernetes and added dynamic environments creation per each branch. Within three months since the migration to Kubernetes, the number of microservices the development team has deployed and now maintains have doubled.



The development team was tasked with developing a new product and wanted to move faster by deploying Mesos and Marathon tools. However, they faced stability issues that put the Docker initiative at risk.


We moved the deployment platform to Kubernetes and automated the cluster day-to-day operations with Puppet. This reduced the number of infrastructure incidents to almost zero and increased developers’ productivity by 30%.

What Our Customers Say

Eitan Gur

VP R&D, Healthy.io

“We had stability issues in our deployment and build automation—we weren’t sure that each deployment would succeed. Opsfleet helped us solve our deployment problems by cleanly migrating our environment to Docker and Kubernetes.”

Boaz Katz

Cofounder & CTO, Bizzabo

“After the migration project, we could update our uptime SLA from 99.95% to 99.98%. We saved around 30% in immediate cost reduction and could handle more than double the traffic on the same cost.”

Eitan Yanovsky

Cofounder & CTO, Optibus

“Opsfleet addressed my concerns, helping us devise a plan to teach the team members and involve them in the work so they would gain the hands-on experience needed to operate the new system in the future.”

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