What’s your main focus right now?

Reduce Cloud Costs by at least 20%

Your cloud costs are growing but you have no time or resources to invest into a solution?


Discover how to reduce your AWS bill without slowing down your product development

Migrate from Heroku to AWS

Have you reached the point where migrating from Heroku to AWS makes sense but you’re afraid that the migration will introduce unnecessary maintenance?

Learn how to overcome 3 common concerns when migrating from Heroku to AWS

What my clients say

"Leonid did excellent work for Avantis. He was a key player in designing and executing the plan for our next-gen private cloud infrastructure; this in turn allowed us to cut costs and reduce operational overhead.

His expertise in cloud operations makes him an indispensable resource for our and any B2B company!"

-- Omri Siri, VP Operations at Avantis

"Leonid understands the needs of a young and fast-growing B2B startup and has been working with us on growing and scaling our operations since the company's first days.

Recently Leonid helped us reduce our cloud spend by 30% by migrating from Heroku to AWS."

-- Moty Michaely, VP R&D at Xplenty


Who am I?

Hey! Thanks for stopping by. I’m Leonid Mirsky, I would love to help you scale your Cloud Operations without slowing down your product development.

Like most of us, I’ve been struggling with complex, duct tape and baling wire infrastructures and inefficient, manual operations for most of my career.

Does this sound familiar?

Your company's customer userbase is growing, which by itself is great news. However it also increases the pressure on releasing new features and leaves no time for taking care of your cloud infrastructure.You know that, over time, this will slow down your development speed. To make matters worse, you know that implementing one workaround after another will introduce more problems down the road. But what can you do? You have no time to solve these issues right now, and hiring is another problem (which we won’t discuss at the moment).

I’ve been there. I’ve seen this situation repeat over and over again; once as an infrastructure engineer in a growing B2B software company, later on both as a team manager and as a consultant. That’s why I designed my service offerings specifically to remove the largest barriers to your growth.

I specialize in helping B2B startups address scaling problems by migrating from Heroku to AWS quickly with minimum risk, and by reducing AWS cloud spend through careful analysis and optimization of your AWS infrastructure.

Unsure About Something?

If you have any questions that haven't been answered, please email me directly and let me know how I can help. I'd be interested in getting your feedback.

The feedback that you give me is strictly confidential.

Email me at: leonid@opsfleet.com